“I started with the Change Organix Calm 300mg CBD oil because I have never used it before. Having ADHD I wish I wouldn't have gotten started on meds, but after taking the CBD oil and a cup of coffee I love it! Now I am not so dependent on my prescription medication!”     -Liz K.


“I have insomnia, Change Organix CBD is the best ‘sleeping pill’ I’ve found. Very relaxing, and helpful but does not get you high. It also helped me quit smoking!” – Nick P.


 “My stressful drives to work are calmer with CBD oil….  :)   “– Sally 


"I use Change Organix for inflammation and sleep. With my scoliosis I get inflammation and CBD helps to reduce that and I love the natural pain relief comes along with it too." –Tyler D.


“Change Organix Recovery Strong is my new joint pain reliever! Being very active with weightlifting and kickboxing I need a product that will keep up and this does the job and more!” –June W.


“I don’t even know the last time I slept through the night without waking up from pain! Yeah CBD oil!” – Brenda M.


“I found my new life saver! Change Organix CBD oil!” – Brianna W.


“Loving the CBD oil for sleep- I find myself deeper sleeping which is AMAZING, as I truly have the worst insomnia!” – Brianna P.


“I take the CBD oil and my morning coffee and I feel good to go!” –Elizabeth


“Since taking CBD oil I have noticed a drastic improvement with the amount of eye strain after working on a computer all day.”   –Tim W.


 “Change Organix CBD oil is excellent and really helps with my generalized anxiety disorder. I am very sensitive to all medications so I am happy to get such great relief with this.” – Roger L.